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Galactic Suite Easy Space aims at developing, building and launching to orbit payloads at a very low cost.  To achieve it the company defines the following strategic guidelines: Standardization, massive purchase, fordization. Low Cost launchers: Relations with China. ITAR Free: Competitive advantage in front of American co… + More


This area bases its activity in the launch of payloads into orbit, within a particular range of mass, mission typologies and orbital destinations, which will optimize the costs dedicated to the launch. As a differential factor, the company has achieved strategic agreements with the launch provider to organize regular launch… + More


This strategic area bases its activity in the design, development and construction of space hardware and software to meet the low cost philosophy in the standardisation, the reusability, the statistic risk palliation. Initially all the company’s products will be specific, developed and built under customer’s requirement… + More

Comercial Agents

In parallel to the services offered by Galactic Suite Easy Space, both in the transportation area and the construction area, the company also is the commercial agent of some of the firms in the consortium, offering a proactive and fluid relationship between the two parts allowing a faster and more reliable relationship with… + More


To lead this new market and support technologically the new company, it is set up a consortium including China Great Wall Industry Corporation (as the launch service partner), Galactic Suite (as a general manager), Altran Technologies (as technology and business development partner with its delegations both in Spain and Chi… + More


The Barcelona Moon Team is the first customer for Galactic Suite Easy Space. This is a mission opportunity for the national industry to win an international technology competition and demonstrate the feasibility of a low cost industry in this new stage. The mission is considered as a driving project, and it has been granted… + More