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Since the decade of 1980’s, the Long March family of rockets commercializes launches to multiple payloads with higher reliability and a very competitive cost. During the 90’s the Long March launchers put into orbit 21 American and European satellites. Since 1999, due to US export control policy, Long March are unable to launch ITAR restricted satellites. Along with Galactic Suite Easy Space other companies have seen a business opportunity in this strict American regulation and since 2005 several unrestricted satellites built in Europe have been launched by Long March.

General Capabilities

Capability for satellite flight missions of various purposes, different masses and diversified orbits
Low Earth Orbit (LEO) capability up to 9.500 kg

  • Depending on the desired orbit and inclination several launchers can be used to provide this service.

Standard Geotransfer Orbit (GTO) up to 5.500 kg

  • LM-2C: 1,250kg;

  • LM-3A: 2,600kg;

  • LM-3B: 5.100kg;

  • LM-3B/E: 5.500kg;

  • LM-3C: 3,800kg;

  • LM-4C: 1.400kg


LM-2C Is 2-stage launch vehicle designed for LEO or SSO Mission. Based on fight proven technology of LM-1 and LM-2, the development of LM- 2C launch vehicle was started in 1970. Since 1975 it has carried out more than 35 successful missions.

  • Fairing Diameter: 3,35m

  • LEO Capability: 3.850 kg (I=63º, h=200km)

  • SSO Capability: 1.400 kg (H=600km)

LM-2C/SMA, is a three stage LV, basic LM-2C with three-axis stabilized upper stage, for LEO or SSO Mission.

  • SSO Capability: 1.900 kg (H=600km)

LM-2C/CTS2, a three stage LV, basic LM-2C with a self-spin stabilized upper stage for GTO Mission.

  • GTO Capability: 1.250 kg (i=28º, Hp=200km, Ha=35786km)

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LM-2D is a launcher developed starting in 1990 to meet the demand of LEO and SSO satellites. Starting from 2002, it has demonstrated high reliability, wide application and mature technology, with a total of 11 missions up to 2009, all of them successful.

  • Lift-off Mass: 250 tones

  • Fairing Diameter: 3,35m

  • Length: 41m

  • SSO Capability: 1.300 kg (H=645km)

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LM-3A is a 3-stage launch vehicle developed on the basis of LM-3 and LM- 2C. Its third stage is powered by cryogenic propellants — liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. It is mainly used for launching spacecraft to GTO missions. Since then it has successfully accomplished 17 launches.

  • Lift-off Mass: 241 tones

  • Fairing Diameter: 3,35m

  • Length: 52,5m

  • GTO Capability: 2.600kg



LM-3B is the most powerful launch vehicle in Long March fleet based on LM- 3A as its core stage with four liquid boosters strapped on the first stage. The development of LM-3B has been made upon good heritage of mature and flight proven technology of Long March family of launch vehicles. Its GTO capacity is 5,100kg.
LM-3B/E launch vehicle is developed on the basis of LM-3B, increasing the GTO capacity up to 5,500kg. LM-3B/E has nearly the same configurations with LM-3B except its enlarged core stage and boosters. On May 14, 2007, the flight of LM-3B/E was performed successfully, accurately sending the NigcomSat-1 into pre-determined orbit.

LM-3B (*LM-3B/E)

  • Lift-off Mass: 426 tones (*459 T)

  • Fairing Diameter: 4,00m (*4,20m)

  • Length: 54,8 m (*56,3m)

  • GTO Capability: 5.100kg (*5.500 kg)

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LM-3C is a three-stage launch vehicle, which takes the mature LM-3A as the core stage with 2 strap-on boosters. The only difference between LM-3C and LM-3B is the number of the strap-on boosters
It did its first flight in 2008. Since then it has accomplished 6 launches, all of them successful. It is mainly used for launching spacecraft for GTO mission.

  • Lift-off Mass: 343 tones

  • Fairing Diameter: 3.35 m

  • Length: 54.8 m

  • GTO Capability: 3.800 kg

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LM-4 served as a back-up launch vehicle for LM-3 to launch China’s communications satellites. After the successful launch of China’s first DFH-2 communications satellites by LM-3, the main mission of the LM-4 was shifted to launch sun-synchronous orbit meteorological satellites.

  • Lift-off Mass: 249 tones

  • Fairing Diameter: 3.35 m

  • Length: 41,9 m

  • SSO Capability: 1.500 kg

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