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Galactic Suite Easy Space aims at developing, building and launching to orbit payloads at a very low cost.  To achieve it the company defines the following strategic guidelines:

  • Standardization, massive purchase, fordization.

  • Low Cost launchers: Relations with China.

  • ITAR Free: Competitive advantage in front of American companies.

  • Reutilization of already developed and proved designs.

  • Statistical approach to the equation reliability/cost.

  • Need of a first success to get into the market: BMT

Galactic Suite Easy Space pursues the goal of being one of the main worldwide operators in its two main business areas. On one side, the transportation of small and medium low cost payloads to space and, on the other, the development and construction of small recurrent and other specific low cost payloads. Both business areas are based on the application of the low-cost concept to the space industry.

  • Transportation of payloads to the Moon, GEO/GSO, and LEO.

  • Construction of micro, mini and medium recurrent payloads.