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Low cost space missions

Galactic Suite Easy Space aims at developing, building and launching to orbit payloads at a very low cost.  To achieve it the company defines the following strategic guidelines:

  • Standardization, massive purchase, fordization.

  • Low Cost launchers: Relations with China.

  • ITAR Free: Competitive advantage in front of American companies.

  • Reutilization of already developed and proved designs.

  • Statistical approach to the equation reliability/cost.

  • Need of a first success to get into the market: BMT

Global market

The company analyzes all current and under development launch suppliers to get the best price through volume purchasing, also setting a regular schedule of launches.


The new company will base its design and production in standardization, volume purchase and mass production to reduce costs.


The low cost company will base its commissions, whether they are mission analysis or hardware/software production in the use of amortized designs.


By expanding the market to customers who are not national agencies, regulatory standards will be relaxed, which will reduce also the costs.


The cost /reliability ratio is exponential, which means that most of the cost of missions are currently located in the attempt of reaching almost 100% reliability. Reducing the reliability of the mission to 95% will reduce the cost of the mission to a fifth. Then the company could even launch two missions at half of the current price and get the reliability close to 100%.

Commercial Agent agreement with China Great Wall Industry Corporation

Galactic Suite Easy Space has signed with the state-owned China CGWIC an agreement to market their launchers in Europe with an area of exclusivity that will expand along with the missions completed together.

Spanish Industrial Consortium

Galactic Suite Easy Space has joined the leading companies in the Spanish space industry, meeting between them the skills to carry out the construction of the additional equipment to launches the payloads.

Demonstration mission: Barcelona Moon Team

Galactic Suite Easy Space is leading since 2010 the only registered Spanish team in international competition Google Lunar X PRIZE endowed with $30M. In Spain, the competition has been declared “special public interest event” that enable the team to get partial funding through the corporate sponsorship.